Freitag, 15. Januar 2016

After Christmas is the new Before Christmas

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Let's be honest - last year was kind of mean. It's not last year's fault - it just drew the wrong number in the big lottery.
So this is my reason for not updating the blog.
At least I had good Christmas and a fantastic Christmas surprise by one of my beloved friends.

So much for the past and the After Christmas part - let's focus on the Before Christmas part - so this year can be full of relaxation around the holidays.

I found an old magazine, where they had a couple of tipps for a great Christmas and I want to share them in a shortened way with you,

  1. Find a motto for your Christmas party and decorations
  2. Decorate with wreaths and fresh-cut flowers alike
  3. Set glam up the atmosphere - think fireplace not arson
  4. Spend time outside
  5. Welcome your guests in a warm way
  6. Think of the little things
  7. Make a program for the out-of-town-ers
I will take a close look at a couple of the tipps. and will share this with you.

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