Dienstag, 24. November 2015

It's the most wonderful time of the year

It's the first real week of chill temperatures and the scent of snow in the air here in Munich.
The year was more than hectic and busy - yet I aim for a wonderful time around christmas.
In 2014 I decided to move all my blogs to one and one blog only - but today I ignore this and start something I always felt the need for. My own little Christmas Blog.
Do you hear the jingle bells in my hair ringing while I nearly jump up and down in excitement?

Well I am Miss Xmas - ok, actually I am Franzi, but in my little circle of friends I am "Miss Xmas" - okay actually I am more of a Christmas-Franzi or even a "Christmas-Nazi" (quote from the TV-Show "Roswell" - yes, I am a bit like Izzy when it comes to Christmas planning).
During that special time of year (which acutally starts on the 27th of December and last until the 26th of December the following year) I am just a Christmas nerd.
Now travel with me through this most wonderful time of the year.

Miss Xmas

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